Because we believe Sustainability is an Opportunity

JustTransition empowers business to generate bankable benefits from the sustainability transition

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Consulting & Advisory

Forget about Compliance, think Chance
  • Because a new regulation is a chance to get ahead of slower competitors
  • Because raw material scarcity is an occasion to explore for a better alternative
  • Because the public urge for more sustainable products is designing a new market for YOU to conquer

We partner with you from ideation to project monitoring!  

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Coaching & Training

Empower individuals to remodel the business from within
  • Because mobilized teams take ownership of a meaningful mission
  • Because triggering creativity and innovation exacerbates the capacity to generate virtuous solutions, products and services
  • Because generating collective intelligence accelerates the just transition

We get you ready to DIY!

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About JustTransition

Our drive is the belief that we need to profoundly renew the way we do business, so as to ensure durability, affordability & livability

Our vision

JustTransition was born on the conviction that the current urge for change is not in contradiction with a profit pursuit.

We strongly believe that there are economic benefits in solving social & environmental issues, creating win-win situations.

Our mission

An increasing number of organizations want to commit fully to a more sustainable practice of business and attempt to

profoundly change the way they operate.

With them, we trigger and capitalize on collective intelligence for designing innovative, impactful new products and services.

Our core values

Pragmatism & action-focus

Research for the purpose of business

Integrity with no compromise

Disruptive construction & creativity

People difference for enrichment

Our experts

At JustTransition, Sustainability is our mother tongue

Laetitia is all about reconciling research and business practice for creating avant-garde instruments capable of boostering efficiency.

She has been working these past years alongside the European Institute of Technology (EIT) Climate KIC community, designing, testing and practicing a proactive approach and innovative tools for sustainability. This involved working with world-class companies around Europe, on embedding sustainability within their inner strategy by making it a substantial asset for their core activity. Laetitia now commits to supporting all business actor with her my experience with entrepreneurship for solving problems.


James has expertise in refrigeration and wider building services in convenience retail, supermarkets and industrial cooling applications. In 2015, he founds WAVE Ltd, providing independent and impartial design, project support, technical trouble shooting and consultancy services in the UK and India. In 2020, the business is thriving and ranked #1 of all 155 Investors in People accredited organizations who operate in and around the construction sector, when James decides to pass it on fully to his employees. This leads to WAVE becoming, in 2021, one of the very few Employee Owned Trusts around the globe. James is now dedicated full-time to educating and accompanying the transition for better economies.


Meryl is a guru for the shift towards a circular economy, focusing on sustainable action to reduce energy and resource consumption, reuse waste in everyday operations and recycle assets.

She has been working several years on business development within the industrial sector, where she served through strategic and technical sustainability for shifting relationships, culture and operations. Her streamline is to optimize energy, raw material, carbon, water and waste for reduced environmental footprint and lower costs.

Meryl is now devoted to helping firms around the globe save money through the scheming of a circular economy business.


We help you seize Sustainability opportunities


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